High-density urethane or HDU is a rigid, durable foam material that is much thicker than most foam types and is designed specifically for signs. HDU signs can be made to look dimensional just like redwood signs but are a more cost-effective option to their various counterparts. Because HDU is easier to shape than wood, the material itself is cheaper and manufacturing costs are lower. Plus, HDU is a petroleum-based material, which makes it waterproof—naturally. High-density urethane signs last much longer than wood and don’t need to be replaced as often. Also, these signs made from this material tend to last long. They do not warp, crack, or bow like a solid wood sign when exposed to the elements.

Because it’s lighter than wood, installation is simple and shipping, in most cases, is lower. Since we live in a world that is going “greener” with each day, some people simply choose high-density urethane signs over wood signs to save trees. HDU signs are available in a variety of thicknesses, starting from one and a half inches and go up to four inches. They can be single or double-sided. The construction makes the signs lightweight but rigid while creating a strong durable panel strength. Once your new image or work is sandblasted into the HDU material, it’s instantly transformed into a professional heavy-duty, stylish, and dimensional HDU sign.

In sandblasted signs, you also have a variety of colors available to choose from. Full-color HDU signs are now just as easy to make as one-color signs with minimal difference in price. No matter how many colors you want, you can get extra colors and a distinct visual advantage on your sign at no extra charge. The versatility and durability of HDU signs make them a great business marketing tool. Want to know how to compare sizes in order to get the best overall value? Give us a call today!